Disaster Relief Support

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company is working closely with State and Federal agencies along with disaster relief companies to assist with temporary housing, staging encampments and recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company is accustomed to assisting with disaster relief efforts and maintains a large inventory and manpower for effective and timely response.

Please call +39-3512917302or contact us to speak with someone about disaster relief support.

New Division Announced

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company is pleased to announce Quality Event Flooring Systems, a new division focused on portable event flooring rentals and sales. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company will provide event flooring for sporting events, concerts, weddings, exhibits, festivals and more. QualityEventFlooring.com.

Sasol Construction

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company’s matting products are being used for the new Sasol ethane cracker project in Southwest Louisiana. This drone footage give you an aerial view of this massive construction site.

Daytona 500

The Daytona 500 Speedway began a major expansion in January, 2015. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company was tasked with providing crane mats and laminated mats to assist in the massive construction project.

Trans Canada Pipeline

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company assisted Sunland, the company responsible for installing the pipe for the lower Texas portion of the trans Canada pipeline. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company provided thousands of mats for the side boom equipment to install the pipe as well as multiple pad sites for the boring machines to bore under roads and highways. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company also installed miles of our patented interlocking mats for temporary roads to allow trucks to access environmentally sensitive areas.

Space Shuttle Transporter

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company was proud to have been involved in assisting with the move of the Space Shuttle carrier aircraft. In spring 2014, the Space Shuttle’s 747 carrier was moved over 2 days from Ellington Field to Space Center Houston in a 1,000-foot convoy. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company’s 3-ply laminated mats provided the foundation to carry this heavy and historically significant cargo. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company’s versatile laminated mats measure 8’x16’x3’ and are used regularly in oil drilling, construction and many other applications for temporary access roads and ground stability.