Fabio construction company is a company that specialize in oil pipeline installation. The company was established in the year 2000 By the president and CEO Fabio Porfido Angelo with head office located in Italy,since then the company has been running to make sure contract are completed as stipulated. We aim at satisfying clients all over the world with the best engineers always available to deliver the best whenever services are needed. We own and operate oil pipelines that transport conventional and synthetic crude oil and natural gas liquids. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company has provided its ground pipeline installation for a number of industries with highline utility and construction. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company is here to help. And, we provide full-service from oil-pipe manufacturing, installation for clients large and small, all around the world

At Fabio Construction Pipeline Company, we are more than pipelines. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company represents a pure-play energy infrastructure company that allows investors to participate in the oil and natural gas liquids industries across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and North Dakota. With strategically located assets, strong demand for our services and an integrated business platform, we are an industry leader and well-positioned for growth.

Oil sands and Heavy Oil

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company plays an important role in supporting Alberta's oil sands and heavy oil industry. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company is the sole transporter of crude oil for Syncrude Canada Ltd. (via the Syncrude Pipeline) and Canadian Natural Resources Ltd.'s Horizon Oil Sands operation (via the Horizon Pipeline) to delivery points near Edmonton, Alberta. Fabio Construction Pipeline Company also owns and operates the Nipisi and Mitsue pipelines, which provide transportation for producers operating in the Pelican Lake and Peace River heavy oil regions of Alberta, and the Cheecham Lateral, which transports synthetic crude to oil sands producers operating southeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta..

Today, Mr. Penland continues to lead Quality Mat Company by developing new mats for nearly every sector of construction and transportation from contractor equipment rentals to rig mat installations. His patented designs are now used around the world, helping provide a safe and stable work surface, improving work conditions for laborers while increasing the bottom line for thousands of companies worldwide.

Gas Services

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company's operations include a growing natural gas gathering and processing business, which is strategically positioned in active and emerging NGL-rich plays in western Canada and is integrated with Fabio Construction Pipeline Company's other businesses. Gas Services provides gas gathering, compression, shallow cut processing and both sweet and sour deep cut processing services for its customers, primarily on a fee-for-service basis under long-term contracts. The NGL extracted through the facilities in this business are transported by Fabio Construction Pipeline Company's Conventional Pipelines business on its Peace and Vantage pipeline systems. A portion of the volumes are further processed at Fabio Construction Pipeline Company's fractionation facilities.

Conventional Pipelines

Fabio Construction Pipeline Company's business originated in 1954 with its conventional pipeline system located in the Fabio Construction Pipeline Company Cardium formation near Drayton Valley, Alberta. Over the years, we have grown these assets substantially and today we own and operate a well-maintained and strategically located approximately 10,000 km pipeline network (inclusive of current expansions) that extends across much of Alberta and parts of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

We don’t promise more than we can deliver, and our word is our bond. We have built the Fabio Construction Pipeline Company on relationships that go back over 40 years. Each relationship we honor and value, from the mills providing the perfect cuts timber for custom mats, to the crane mat rental companies utilizing our mats, to the charities we’ve supported and watched grow and expand. We’re more than happy to share the good word about our work, and there are plenty of good folks out there that will testify to the way thatFabio Construction Pipeline Company does business.